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In ancient times the Rishis studied the life force and how best to live in harmony and peace with it. They developed the Yogic Arts of posture, breathing practices and meditation along with the Yogic Science of how the life forces build the body and eventually breakdown and cause the body to die. This science, which is called Ayurveda, is the exact knowledge of how to use diet, beverages, herbs, mantra, breath work and bodywork to maintain the supreme balance of the life forces in each unique individual. This is done by the understanding of how the life forces unfold in that particular individual and is known as Prakruti or individual nature. When these forces are out of balance there is discomfort in the body and eventual disease. Ayurveda works to maintain balance thus preventing disease, improving vitality and longevity and allowing the natural feelings of inner harmony and peace to come forth. Ayurveda only uses natural substances full of Prana or life force in its treatments. Unlike other forms of medicine, Ayurveda treats life force with life force and does not believe in using substances that get the desired relief of a symptom, but decrease the life force in the process.
Peggy Kelley, 512-916-4499, practitioner and teacher in the Wise Earth Tradition of Bri. Maya Tiwari, and a student of David Frawley. Charlotte Jernigan, 512-459-9113

Pre-Natal Yoga Practitioners


Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

Nawaratri, Satyananada Yoga Center Austin, 512-266-9862, 512-940-1510,

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